Private Labels


For private labels on sodas for your party or special occasion the price is $1.99 per bottle, pick from over 100 flavors of sodas*. Beer is not available to individuals for private label.


Each request of custom production is different. Prices and production can change depending on your requirements. Your beer labels must be approved by all controlling authorities before we can begin production. The following is a guide if you want to produce your labels on our existing products.

Contract Rates for Soda, Beer and other Beverages*

I. Most beers are $6.30 per gallon. That equals:
a) $97.50 per ½ barrel keg (15.5 gallons) and
b) $14.00 per case in (24) 12oz bottles of beer only. (You provide packaging)
c) $2 keg cleaning fee will apply to all kegs cleaned at our facility.

II. The cost of bottling, this is a separate fee for the automated process of pasteurizing and bottling. In IWBC approved case packs, this price is $1.5 per case.

III. The cost of IWBC soda $15.99 per case. Your custom recipe may be slightly higher.

IV. $8.50 charge for each wooden pallet we provide.

V. If you provide IWBC approved bottles, caps and packaging, there is a charge of $5 per pallet fee (when your packaging arrives) for off-loading, storage, handling and on-loading there is also loss/shrinkage of 1-3% during filling/packaging process.

VI. Other charges may apply for custom products. These prices reflect beers and sodas we currently produce. Minimum labor/productions charges are $100 per hour, maximum $500 per hour for custom products, plus other appropriate fees.

VII. Terms are 100% due when ordering. All prices FOB Indian Wells Brewing Co. 2565 Hwy 14, Inyokern, CA 93527.

VII. California Redemption Value (CRV) will be charged if we do not have your Dept. of Conservation account number and a copy of your certificate on file in our office along with other required license information. CRV is 5 cents per 12oz/ 22oz bottle.

Minimum order is 60 cases; you must always provide us with approved labels. All keg beer must be placed in customer-supplied kegs. All bottled beer shall be placed in bottles supplied by customer. Indian Wells Brewing Co. shall be the sole arbiter for quality control/production disputes and shall never be liable for amount greater than IWBC has received, except as may be required by law. Any additional liabilities are accepted by purchaser. Prices and terms subject to change.

If you would like to request a private label, please download the Private Label Contract here