LOVE THIS PLACE! We stop in whenever we head to this part of the world, as the beer is great and the location is easy. I'm a huge fan of the red and the gold. "without the bite' means without that bitter, over-hopped taste that many craft brewers seem to think is a good thing and has unfortunately become trendy. Yuck. Anyway, theirs is refreshing, malty, and easy drinking! Their 6-pack prices are reasonable as well.
A few years ago when I was there, the woman doing the tasting was really crabby, but last week there was no sign of her. Instead it was a young lady (Indian?) who was very cheery!

M O., http://www.yelp.com/biz/indian-wells-brewing-company-inyokern#hrid:alP3fgzS5Isu61Kdya-fXg

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Well this one is even more precious - a spring that run through Mojave desert and they made beer out of it!

It's easy to miss. Place is not obvious but when you go in there it's another world. About ten types of beer on tap. Free tasting with purchase of cups etc. The charge is only $1 a taste anyways. I really like this place! You can actually call the store and pay for them to send to your house

Amanda D., http://www.yelp.com/biz/indian-wells-brewing-company-inyokern#hrid:42fPhkiIuPQ9WQiwxDwhLQ