History of IWBC

our history

HistoryThe Indian Wells Brewing Company is located on a historic artesian spring.

The water that we use to brew all of our beers and sodas is pure artesian spring water from the historic Indian Wells Spring (California Historic marker #457). An artesian spring contains water that naturally flows and bubbles to the surface. Our spring has its origins high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Geologists believe that melted waters from Mount Whitney snowpacks journey by underground river and follow through a fissure to form Indian Wells Spring.
This pure spring water gives our beers and sodas a clean pure taste that can only be found in Indian Wells products. Our water is captured below the surface and, because of its altitude, is able to flow to our operation via gravity. No man-made power is used to transport the water to the brewery, which gives us zero carbon footprint for water. We also capture the spring water excess to run off into poles and allow for the permeation of water back to the water table. The California Historic Marker on the front of our property reads: After five days of travel from the Argus Range, the Manly-Jayhawker parties of 1849 found their first water at this Indian waterhole on the Joseph R. Walker Trail of 1843. During the 1860’s this was the site of a stage and freight station for traffic between Los Angeles and the Coso and Cerro Gordo Mines.

From the very beginning

Our Indian Wells Lodge and Brewing Company site has been in the same family for three generations. This historic location of the Indian Wells Spring has a rich history. It began as a U.S. Army Cavalry outpost in the 1860s. Then, it became a freight and stage station until the turn of the last century; a healing waters resort from 1900 to 1920; a base for the CCC and WWW in the 1930s; and a doctor’s office in the 1950s. In 1960, it became a restaurant: Indian Wells Lodge.

The Indian Wells Lodge Restaurant has slowly expanded from the small 1,000 square foot building to the 6,500 square feet it is today. In 1995, Indian Wells Brewing Co. was born in one of the rooms of the restaurant. By 1997, the beer had gained popularity and expanded into the 10,000 square foot building where it now resides. Amongst all of this growth, one thing has never changed: travelers are always welcome to stop, rest, and enjoy everything our site has to offer.

Location Is Key

We are located directly on Highway 14, at 2565 Highway 14, Inyokern CA, 93527 (we’re two miles south of the 395 junction and 2 miles north of the 178 east junction). Our site is nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, and we’re the home of the historic, natural artesian Indian Wells Spring. We overlook the stunning Indian Wells Valley from a vantage point of almost 1,000 feet above the valley floor. We’re located halfway from Los Angeles to Mammoth Mountain, and near the base of Owens Peak. Stop in and visit the restaurant, brewery and gift shop, or just to enjoy the wonderful view. We look forward to welcoming you on our site!