Indian Wells Lodge

Indian Wells Lodge: Steak & Seafood

HistoryThe Indian Wells Brewing Company is located on a historic artesian spring.

Most of us know that Capt. Freemont, Kit Carson and their topographer, Edward Kern (for whom our county is named), led the party that scouted our area ahead of the pioneers, But did you know that a group of fortune hunters heading for the Sacramento gold fields in 1849 took a shortcut branching off from the Santa Fe trail, got lost and ended up right here?
One wagon train of over 100 wagons set out from St. Louis for the gold rush in Sacramento. THe wagon master was a responsible former military Captain named Benjamin Hunter. Capt Hunter's wagon train crossed paths with mineral traders heading east on the trail just out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the traders had a crude map and rough details of a shortcut across the deserts to Sacramento. After much heated debate and argument thirty-five of the wagons, believing they could shave nearly six months off their long journey, elected to leave Capt. Hunter's train.
Several weeks later, those 35 wagons were hopelessly lost in the middle of Death Valley. Among the wagons were two groups of bachelors from the Kansas territory known as the Manly Party and the Jayhawkers. With supplies gone, no food and little water, the wagons with families were unable to move. The manly party and the jayhawkers decided to unite in search of an Indian water hole mentioned by the mineral traders. The Manly-Jayhawker party used what little water remained to make it over the Argus Range. Out of either unshakable belief in the crude map (that had already led them into one disaster) or just out of sheer desperation, they traveled for five days, crossing our valley and finally reaching the water hole - a natural spring that exists to this day.
Indian Wells Lodge Restaurant is located at this historic spring, marked by a California State Monument that relates the Manly-Jayhawkers' struggle for survival. You can sample the same water that saved the lost wagon train simply by lifting your lips to any glass served at the Indian Wells Lodge Restaurant, the same water that saved the Death Valley party in 1849.


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